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Eliot Make up

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Mark Syvertson


I know this may sound trivial and a bit silly but I found that it really startled me, something I hadn't expected.


The heavily bearded gentleman commented on finding something new everytime you read "The Wasteland". I immediately thought about The Beatles because, for as many times as I have listened to Abbey Road, I still find new parts all the time. After watching the video in class today, I was surprised at how much more expressive Eliot's poetry seemed coming from a strong British accent. I know Dr. Powers has encouraged us to read his poetry aloud for the full effect; the words, the phrasing, made "The Wasteland" come alive for me. It caused me to re-read certain portions of the text and gave me a greater appreciation for the meaning behind his words.


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