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Heil's Eliot Response

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Response to the T.S. Eliot Video

By Andrew Heil


Seeing the Wasteland in conjunction with the dismal wreckage of London during World War II makes it much easier to understand and put into context. Locking a poem down to a certain time or era helps to give me a firmer background and foundation for understanding, though it should obviously be quickly unlocked again since something postmodern screams against boxing things in (as do good reading habits). It's odd how a modernist high poem such as the Wasteland can, at a glance, seem post-modern. After all, it's needlessly complicated and almost unintelligible until you slowly put it together, piece by piece. The video showed the multitude of voices within the poem very well, and that was helpful in my comprehension.





>I agree, I especially loved the footage of the crowds while the speakers were reading lines 62-68.  It gave an insight into what Eliot must have encountered in his daily life, what he would have been seeing in his mind while composing his poem.  --Daniel Wheatley


Response from Dani Stoe:

Seeing the footage really helped to set the scene for the poem, giving it some kind of concrete place to call home. I thought it was very helpful.


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