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TS Eliot Makeup

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Class, I am going to have to miss our discussion of TS Eliot on Monday February 25th. My wife is having a medical procedure that requires my taking her to and from the hospital. My assistant, Gina Hale, will come in an start the video on TS Eliot that we began watching last Wednesday. There's about 40-45 minutes left of the video.


To make up for our lost time in class, watch the video and then follow the instructions below at your own leisure, but finish before class on Wednesday. (To do this right, you should finish instruction #2 by the end of the day on Monday.


1. Create a page and link it to this page. On this page, use your own name, and link it to the newly created page.


2. On your newly created page, write a paragraph or two or response to the video, focusing on something you learned about Eliot that you can apply to the Waste Land. You can also write about a question that you think the video raises or leaves unanswered.


3. Before class on Wednesday, visit at least two other student responses to the video and add your own reflections in response to their reflections (i.e. comment on their reflections by using the edit mode of wiki. You can agree, disagree, supplement, whatever. Don't erase their reflections, add reflections of their own as if you were posting comments on a blog.)


Have all of this finished by class on Wednesday. On Wednesday we'll wrap up The Waste Land and say a few words about Burnt Norton.  I hope we get started on Moore and H.D., but we'll see how it goes.


Names (Link your name below to the page you create for responses to the video.  Do this by the end of the day on Monday, posting your response to the video.  Thus, by Tuesday, you should be able to come back and comment on other wiki-blogs set up by other folks)

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